mindrabbit Institute offers technology training and Placement solutions working alongside you as a partner.

Focused on Creating Best-in-Class AI Workforce and Software/ML/Data/Cloud Engineers with our innovative education and training programs, we are building Next Gen Innovators and Engineers. Reimagine creating a workforce who can build the next uber-like solutions and Intelligent products. We teach you the building blocks of coding, systems designing, and fundamentals of computer science and engineering. We enable you to build Artificial Intelligence Systems and Products leveraging AI & Data.

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Our Approach

Our goal is to prepare our students to be job-ready and be the best in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and
Engineering with our 3-step approach:



Acquire Fundamental Strengths and Prerequisites to become the best Engineer

We build our students' programming, data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving skills with our foundational program to solve complex problems required to build smart systems and products. We focus on preparing you with all the prerequisites and pre-work required for our offered engineering and AI career tracks.

Career Specialization

Choose a career

We focus on building deep specializations and core competencies in the chosen fields of AI, Data Science and Engineering to become the best engineers in the respective fields.

Job Ready & Interview Preparedness

Prep courses for engineering roles

We will get you job ready. We will work alongside you to prepare you through mock interviews to crack the toughest interviews. We would assist with resume preparation, building a LinkedIn profile, provide career guidance/support and we offer job placement assistance.

Our Programs

Instructor led in-person and online classes - Dallas Locations (Irving)

Foundations of Datascience and AI/ML

Covers programming, data structures, algorithms, and problem-solving skills including all the prerequisites and pre-work required for our offered engineering and AI career tracks.

Python for AI/Datascience/Software Engineering

Learn the programming essentials required for AI and Data-science - Python basics to Advance , Python libraries and SQL.

coming soon

AI Engineering/Full Stack Data Science Engineering

Become a Full stack Data scientist or a AI engineer with this course specializing and building competencies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

coming soon

ML Engineering/Software Engineering

Launch your career as a ML Engineer or Software Engineer. This course will prepare you with all the essentials and foundations for you to get your career started in engineering field.

coming soon

Data Engineering

Become a Data Engineer This program will help you to master all the crucial data Engineering skills. Covers Big Data and Data Engineering concepts, the Hadoop ecosystem, apache smart, AWS and Azure platforms.

Python for Datascience/AI/Software engineering. 20 October 2021 23 Oct 2021 - Dec 2021 Apply Now
AI/Full Stack Data Science Engineering coming soon coming soon Apply Now
ML Engineering/Software Engineering coming soon coming soon Apply Now
Data Engineering coming soon coming soon Apply Now

Flexible Schedules

Evenings and Weekend Classes

Instructor Led Live Classes
Classroom Setting (Dallas Locations)

We Are Different

“To be original you don’t have to be First. You just have to be different and better.”

We offer highly ambitious and innovative educational programs running under the banner of "Mindrabbit Institute of AI". We are not training students just to use tools but to understand the science and math behind them, so that they can build the AI tools themselves, not just use them!!

We hunt for talented and committed professionals and engineers from different technological backgrounds and shape them to become the most competitive talent and workforce in the field of Artificial Intelligence, data science, engineering and emerging technologies. We also provide you with the necessary career tools to give you a competitive advantage in your career search. Along with a Resume, we prepare you for interviews, train you to come up with solutions for complex problems, and teach you the science behind data structures and algorithms. Finally, we help you with Job Search Assistance and Recruitment to Help you land a job in top tier companies. We invest in you !!

During this program students are provided rigorous and most intense training to be top technocrats.

Our Programs are designed for


Non -IT professionals

with no coding experience, wanting to launch an IT career.



Engineers or coders who are looking for entry into AI, data science, big data.



Programs designed for IT professionals wanting to upskill into AI technologies such as, Computer vision, NLP, and Machine Learning.


High School/College Students

Programs designed to prepare high school and college students for internships and job ready in IT.

Why Us

Building Best in class Engineers
Building In-Demand skills and Core Competencies in AI and Engineering Fields
Job-Ready Portfolio Development-Project Based approach
Placement Help

Our Services and Support

Most Advanced courses at an Affordable cost
High Quality Providers in Curriculum and Instruction
Hands-on training with Real-Time projects.
Personalized guidance and Mentorship programs

Best in class Instructors

Rigorous Mock Interviews

Job Search Assistance, Recruitment help and support period

Flexible Schedules

Hybrid Classes – Both Remote and in-person classes held at your campus.

In Class and Online Cohorts

Tailored for professionals and students who are looking for career change, upskill or reskill.

Application Process

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