Autonomous Engineering

Build your own Autonomous Vehicle, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with this 12-week specialization course offering both Online Instructor-led and On-campus

Autonomous Vehicles and UAV Career Track



Building an autonomous vehicle with this 12 weeks intensive hands-on course. This career track focuses on specialization in LiDAR, RADAR, SONAR, CAMERA, FUSION. By the end of this course, This career track will transition you to build your own autonomous vehicle. Our curriculum is rigorous and deeply technical preparing you to crack any tough interviews to get a job. Our courses are Instructor-led both online and on campus.

One of the quickest and most flexible ways to become a self-driving car engineer is through our Autonomous Vehicles course.

What you will learn

This track consists of 5 modules, you will learn how to build your own autonomous vehicle with different kinds of sensors and how they work together.

Skills Gained?

Robot Operating System(ROS)



Path Planning

Adaptive Cruise control

Control Theories

CAN Communication


This specialization have 5 courses content

Module 1

Description: Get experience on working with this sensor and getting collision warnings and learn how this sensor is used in your car to detect your surrounding objects and their distances and get the knowledge to code that.

Skills gained

    • Introduction

Module 2

Description: Work with lidar technologies and get experience on path planning, SLAM and Localization methods use them on the vehicle and navigate the vehicles Autonomously.

Skills gained

    • LiDAR uses and functionality.

Module 3

Description: Use the radar to get different objects movements and their speeds and accelerations around your ego vehicle and get to know how Adaptive cruise control works and learn how to code one.

Skills gained

    • Introduction

Module 4

Description: Get experience on this sensor and write the code for different lane, line detections codes using OpenCV and learn different image techniques

Skills gained

    • Introduction

Module 5

Description: After getting the knowledge on all different sensors fuse them together and work with combination possibilities and improve the sensing ability efficiency of ego vehicle

Skills gained

    • Introduction

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